Munnar Tourist Places: A Haven in The Hills

Munnar Tourist Places: A Haven in The Hills

Kerala, known as “God’s Own Country,” is a beautiful state in India filled with natural wonders, historical sites, and vibrant culture.  

Munnar: A Haven in the Hills

Munnar tourist places

Is a breathtaking hill station located in Kerala’s western ghats. It is popular for its emerald tea gardens, misty mountains and cascading waterfalls. The place offers serene lakeside retreats, wildlife encounters, tea tasting and trekking opportunities, thus making it an ideal escape into nature’s fold.

Kochi: The Gateway to Kerala

Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a vibrant city set on the southwest coast of India. Known for its historical significance and cultural diversity, Kochi has been a port since ancient times, witnessing centuries of trade and colonial influence.

Best Time to Explore Munnar Tourist Places

Peak Season Moderate Season Off-Season
September- March
April- May
June- August
The weather is cold and windy, refreshing the senses.
Cool weather, with unexpected showers, adds a refreshing touch of surprise to the day.
The weather is dry and pleasantly soothing, offering a perfect backdrop for a relaxing day.

How to Reach Kochi Munnar tourist places

By Road By Rail By Air
Car or Taxi: The most direct route, covering around 130 kilometers in approximately 4 to 5 hours.
Bus: Regular buses are available from Ernakulam Bus Station, taking about 4.5 to 5.5 hours.
The nearest railway station is Aluva in Kochi, 110 kilometers away. From there, you can continue by road.
The nearest airport is Kochi International Airport. From the airport, it's a 125-kilometer taxi ride to Munnar

Explore the stunning highlights of Munnar Tourist places, where each tourist spot offers a unique blend of natural beauty and serene charm.

Idukki Dam

The Idukki Dam is one of the highest arch dams in Asia. It stands tall between two hills and spans the Periyar River. The dam not only helps in generating electricity but also provides water for irrigation. When you visit, you can enjoy stunning views of the dam and the lush green surroundings. Nearby, you can also explore the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to many animals and birds.

Kerala Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala has several wildlife sanctuaries, but the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady is the most famous. Here, you can take a boat ride on Periyar Lake and see elephants, tigers, and many kinds of birds. The thick forests and scenic beauty make it a wonderful place for nature lovers.

Munnar tourist places

Munnar Jungle Safari

Munnar is a charming hill station known for its tea gardens. One of the exciting activities here is the jungle safari. During the safari, you can explore the dense Shola forests and see animals like the Nilgiri Tahr, deer, and many birds. It’s a great way to experience the wild side of Kerala.

Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak is the highest mountain in South India. It is located in the Eravikulam National Park near Munnar. Trekking to the top of Anamudi offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The peak is also a great spot for nature photography.

Munnar tourist places

Cardamom Hills

Munnar tourist places

The Cardamom Hills are part of the Western Ghats and are famous for their spice plantations. Walking through these hills, you can smell the aroma of cardamom, pepper, and other spices. The scenic beauty and fresh air make it a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Tata Tea Plantations

Munnar tourist places

Munnar is also famous for its Tata Tea Plantations. The rolling tea gardens create a beautiful green landscape. You can visit the tea factories to learn about the tea-making process and taste freshly brewed tea during your visit to Munnar Tourist places . The Tea Museum in Munnar is also worth a visit to understand the history of tea cultivation in the region.

Munnar tourist places

Fort Cochin

Fort Cochin is a historic part of the city of Kochi. It has a mix of British, Dutch, and Portuguese influences. Walking through its streets, you can see old colonial buildings, churches, and markets. Fort Cochin is also known for its cultural festivals and vibrant art scene.

Chinese Fishing Nets

The Chinese Fishing Nets in Fort Cochin are iconic. These large fishing nets are fixed on the shore and are lowered into the water to catch fish. Watching the fishermen operate these nets, especially at sunset, is a fascinating sight and offers great photo opportunities. It is a must add destination to your Munnar tourist places list.

Munnar tourist places

St. Francis Church

St. Francis Church in Fort Cochin is one of the oldest European churches in India. It is famous because Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer, was buried here. The simple yet beautiful architecture of the church reflects the history and culture of the region.

Markets of Jew Town

Jew Town in Kochi is known for its bustling markets. Here, you can find antique shops, spice markets, and handicraft stores. The area has a rich Jewish heritage, and you can visit the Paradesi Synagogue, which is one of the oldest active synagogues in the Commonwealth of Nations.

Munnar tourist places

Discover the Thrilling adventure activities in Kochi Munnar Tourist Places!

  • Boat Rides: Take a peaceful boat ride through Kochi’s backwaters, enjoying the calm waters and lush scenery.
  • Dance Shows: Watch a Kathakali dance performance, where dancers wear colorful costumes and tell stories through expressive movements.
  • Marine Drive: Stroll along Marine Drive, a beautiful promenade by the water, especially lovely at sunset.
  • Mattancherry Palace: Explore Mattancherry Palace, also known as the Dutch Palace, to see historical artifacts and beautiful murals.
  • Water Sports: Try exciting water sports like jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides at Cherai Beach.
  • Jungle Safari: Take a thrilling jungle safari through the Shola forests, where you might see animals like the Nilgiri Tahr and various birds.
  • Waterfalls: Visit beautiful waterfalls such as Attukal, Lakkam, and Cheeyappara, perfect for picnics and photography.
  • Rock Climbing: Experience the excitement of rock climbing and rappelling, guided by local adventure experts.
  • Boating: Enjoy a boat ride on the serene waters of Mattupetty Dam, surrounded by rolling hills and tea gardens.
  • Cycling: Rent a bicycle and ride through the scenic tea estates and forests, taking in the fresh air and stunning views.

Taste the Unique Delicacies of Kochi Munnar Tourist Places

Kappa (Tapioca) and Meen Curry:

Munnar tourist places

A traditional dish where boiled tapioca is served with spicy fish curry, usually made with sardines or mackerel.

Vegetable Stew:

A mild, creamy dish made with a mix of local vegetables simmered in coconut milk, flavored with ginger, garlic, and green chilies.

Idiyappam with Egg Curry:

Idiyappam, also known as string hoppers, are rice noodles usually served with a spicy egg curry. It is a must try dish during your visit to Munnar Tourist places.

Cardamom Tea:

Munnar tourist places

Munnar is known for its tea plantations, and cardamom tea is a local favorite. It’s a fragrant and refreshing tea flavored with locally grown cardamom.

Ela Ada:

A traditional sweet snack made from rice flour dough filled with a mixture of jaggery and grated coconut, steamed in banana leaves.

Munnar tourist places


In conclusion, Munnar is a perfect mix of nature, adventure, and culture, making it a great place to visit. With its beautiful tea gardens, exciting treks, lovely waterfalls, and tasty local food, there's something for everyone to enjoy. To make the most of your trip to Munnar, check out our travel packages. We've put together some great options that fit different budgets and interests. Book your Munnar adventure with us and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Munnar tourist places